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Interviews, Cannabis News and Events, Product Reviews, LIVE concerts, and MUSIC from Artists affiliated with Abakus.
Produced By Underground Experiments, and a collection of other Mad Scientists.

Abakus Munchie Cup Mixtape


Volume 2!

Pt. 1- Munchie Cup Mixtape Vol. 1 Recap + Vol.2 featuring Kruza Kid & VibeSquaD- Extraterrestri-O Flow & The Great Grigsby- Chillax, Dominic Deadbeat-Ol’ Colorado Boy, Suffers Beats- Trappy Voices (Zion I – Tha Choice Chop) Tim Yunker – In Summation (Le Quattro Stagioni)

ILL Tact- Get Back, Furbie Cakes- Namaste, Abeasity Jones- A Bitter Sweet View, Father Focus Confucius- The Story of My Life, Kalyst- 545 a.m. – Mirror On The Wall

Tall Paul-I’ll Be There feat. Manny Phesto & Metasota, Extra Kool- Empty Rooms II (Featuring Onry Ozzborn, Time & Kirby Dominant) Simple Steven- Wishes Are Invisible, Mad Scientists- Absolutely Brilliant, Damnesia Vu- West Coastin’ Pt. 1.

Damnesia Vu- West Coastin’ Pt. 2, An Hobbes- Cosmic Laundry Service, Black Mask-For Now, Travellers Music- Feelin’ The Heat, Mike The Martyr- The Grand Martyre

Volume 1!

Round 1 of the Announcements of performers off the Abakus Munchie Cup, Furbie Cakes- Sound Science, Debut of the Abakus Munchie Cup Mixtape, Kalyst- Rise featuring Joe Cyrus and Mercenary, Intro off Mike the Martyr’s Mixtape- The Grand Martye, + FIRST Judge Annoucement!

Suffers Beats- “Hittin’ It”, Furbie Cakes- “Vacations Trees”, Mad Scientists- Theme Song (by AWE) Simple Steven- “Consuming Me” (Featuring Sadistik) “IRock Steadily” featuring Native and Sleep by Dominic Deadbeat, Extra Kool- The City’s in Ashes (Featuring Sole)

Ill Tact-“Come Back To Me”, Manny Phesto-To The Lake Ft. Mike the Martyr & Axel Foley (Prod By Mike the Martyr) Maulskull- “The Eye”, Denver Point Authority- “Block 23” Father Focus- “2The Core”

Abeasity Jones- “China Town”, An Hobbes- “Planet Gunsmoke” Featuring Toad the Newsense, Travellers Music- “Thank You”



Intro, Hives Inquiry Squad- “Toxic Algee Bloom”, Furbie Cakes of Mad Scientists LIVE! Monkey Bar Review on Incredibles Chocolate and Infused Products, Hailmary Mallon- “Kiln” deM atlaS- “Charlie Brown”, Space Spot to Consume in Denver Conversation, Dessa Darling of Doomtree- “Bullpen”, TUGG- “Revolution”, Mad Scientists- “Theme Song” 420 In The Streets, Cervantes Masterpiece History, Chem Dawg Homegrown Strain Review, Grieves- “Bloody Poetry”, Wide Eyes- “Borrowed Time” Pt. 2 of the Monkey Bar Incredibles Review, “303 Kush” Mile High Anonymous Strain Review!

On this show a DOUBLE dose of Hives Inquiry Squad- “Misty Night” & “No Way Out” RIP Gavin Theory, the perspectives & MUSIC from the #BaltimoreUprising, The INTERVIEW with Steven Hager! Cannabis Cup Founder and Editor of Abakus, Gavin Theory featuring Lucas Dix of Hives Inquiry Squad (Neon Autumn) – “Overwhelmed”, Casselmen TICKET GIVEAWAY! Jackie’s Cannabis Sanctuary Promo, Beasthead- “Showa”, Interview with Grandmaster CAZ at the World’s First Ever Munchie Cup in Aspen, Graham O’Brien- “RecycleMaker” (Feat. Kristoff Krane) & “Infectious” (Feat. Buck 65) off fanfaronade, Pot Illuminati Promo, Black Market Brass LIVE from Minneapolis, MN, OUTRO.

Furbie Cakes SPINS LIVE on Abakus Radio, an interview with BIG SAL (Denver’s #1 Medicated Chef) X Jason B303, Cage- “It’s The 80’s Again”, Carnage The Executioner- “T. Swift Was Here”, Cannabis NEWS with Anarcho Alchemist, Pt. 2 of BIG SAL’s Interview on Abakus Radio, Hives Inquiry Squad- “Unemployed” (w/ Bottom Feeders) Brother Ali- “Room With a View”, Underground Experiments/Incredible Edible Ticket Giveaway, Jackie’s Cannabis Sanctuary Promo, Part 2 of Furbie Cakes LIVE performance on Abakus Radio, Aesop Rock- “Labor”, Blueprint- “Respect The Architect” Interview with Jeffery Peterson- Denver’s #1 Chronic Comedian, F. Stokes- “Soul Clap”, Black Diet- “Thrown Stones”, Pt. 3 TASTING Big Sal’s Chocolate Salty Ball Edibles, Interview with GreenLabs.Pt. 3 of Furbie Cake’s LIVE performance on Abakus Radio, The LAST part of Big Sal’s Interview, Introducing Steven Hager’s book HIP HOP, LIVE Music from Furbie Cakes, Interview with Heidi founder of Puff, Pass, and Paint held at Greenlabs, Finally the LONG waited interview with Furbie Cakes on his NEW album Complex Simplicity, Outro.

Pt. 1 Intro X Interview with Jared of Vaped Goodz, Music from Evidence featuring Slug and Aesop Rock – Late For The Sky, Cannibal Ox- Brotherz Remix & Atmosphere- Brief Description.
Pt. 2 of Vaped Goodz Interview, Music from Sean Anonymous featuring Tony Phantom- Hands High, Mike The Martyr- Cypher, Dessa Darling- Dixon’s Girl, P.O.S. – Savion Glover
Pt. 3 features the Interview with Executive Director of Indo Expo Trade Show, Music from Gavin Theory – Third Eye Theatre, Jellyfish Brigade- Dance In The Dungeon, The Crest- Big Wallet, & Pt. 2 of the Interview with Chris of Indo Expo Trade Show in Denver, CO.
Pt. 4 NEW Dry Herb Vaporizer Review from vapedgoodz.com and Pt. 3 of Interview with Jared, the Strawberry Crunch Bar Review from Incredibles Chocolate and Infused Products, Music from Sadistik- 1984, Aesop Rock- 39 Thieves, Sole- So The Rich Can Sleep Tonight X Outro.

Soundset Intro- Wide Eyes- “Borrowed Time”, Blessed to Interview with Kathy (Eyedea’s Mother) a DOUBLE dose of Eyedea and Ablilties – “Act Right” & “Burn Fetish” RIP Mikey. Pt. 2 includes a Pot Illuminati promo, an Interview from ECID from Soundest, Double dose of Ecid- “G R U N G E H O T E L” and “2pac Cobain” (Featuring Sean Anonymous, Rapper Hooks) Interview with Manny Phesto, Tall Paul- “I’ll Be There” feat. Manny Phesto & Metasota, Interview with Muja Messiah- Atmosphere- “YGM”, “Color In The Snow” feat. deM atlaS, Joe Horton & Toki Wright, Interview with Mike The Martyr X Axel Foley and Maria Isa, Muja Messiah- “Dinner Time” featuring Mike The Martyr, Maria Isa and Felipe Cuantli, Interview with Sean Anonymous + “No B.S. featuring Blueprint and Abstract Rude, Dalia featuring Sean Anonymous, Interview from DJ Tony Trouble.

Pt. 1 – Episode #7 Intro to Mike The Martyr, Interview with DJ Rob Fresh, Qbala- “Like That” , a DOUBLE dose of Maulskull with “Dreams” Pt. 2 Interview with DJ Rob Fresh, Weedtees Promo, Mad Scientists- “Absouletly BriLLiant” NEW music “Namaste” from Furbie Cakes album Complex Simplicity, a DOUBLE dose of Father Focus- “2 The Core” & “Fruit Of The Gods”, Jackie’s Cannabis Sanctuary Promo, DOUBLE dose of Kalyst- “Better Now” (Produced By Rez The SilverBack) & “Paths” – Father Focus, Kalyst and AreA, + an Interview with Kalyst of MDM and Mad Scientists, Simple Steven- “Consuming Me” (Featuring Sadistik), Extra Kool- “Empty Rooms II” (Featuring Onry Ozzborn, Time & Kirby Dominant) PLUS an exclusive LIVE material from the 1st MUNCHIE CUP in Aspen, CO with Grandmaster Caz explaining the REAL story on the “Rapper’s Delight”