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Based in Aspen, Colorado, Abakus magazine seeks to foster responsible cannabis tourism in Colorado. Abakus is the most exclusive publication in the realm of cannabis, distributed free to cannabis-friendly resorts in Colorado, and also available as a digital subscription.

Steve Hager

Steve Hager

Abakus is edited by Steven Hager, who arrived at High Times magazine in 1986 and quickly transformed it into the most influential magazine of its time. Hager created the first national hemp legalization group, The Freedom Fighters, as well as the Cannabis Cup, the world’s most famous and most successful cannabis festival. He was the first person to organize 420 ceremonies outside Marin County and created over a half-dozen cannabis themed events over the decades. Hager is planning four new annual events that will be held under the Abakus banner. As an icon of the marijuana movement, Hager’s impact on cannabis culture has been transformational. He’s considered one of the world’s leading authorities on this history of cannabis in religion, as well as a cutting-edge investigative journalist with over 30 published books to his credit.

Many of Hager’s original staff from High Times have returned to help create Abakus. The first issue was published in the summer of 2014 and revealed at the the first annual Munchie Cup, and was received by the community of Aspen and all attendees as a great success

Meet the Staff

AbakusCoverThe Abakus 2015 Summer Issue

The Abakus 2015 summer edition will feature a comprehensive directory to cannabis businesses in Colorado, as well as articles about the winners of the first Munchie Cup, and the Abakus Cup (Flower Competition) and other businesses and events that stand above the crowd. It will celebrate the second annual Munchie Cup featuring the best edibles available from dispensaries in Colorado.
This issue will go on sale 5/15/2015.

The 2015 Winter Issue
The 2015 Winter Issue will feature in depth interviews with luminaries from the industry, multiple articles surrounding the evolution of the industry and a look back into the history of how we got here.
This issue will go on sale 11/16/2015

Contact adsales@abakusmagazine.com if you are interested in promoting your cannabis business, or editor@abakusmagazine.com if you have something of interest to provide to the community.